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10 Things About Me:

1. College senior undergrad here, yo

2. I taught myself to read at a very young age.

3. I can tell you how I found most of the songs on my iTunes.

4. I'm really interested in animation, art, cartoons, and voice acting, despite being next to clueless about art.

5. I used to be a Genwunner. x)

6. The amazing gameplay of Pokemon Black and White made me see the light and stop being a Genwunner.

7. My Halloween costume is a plague doctor, with a mask specially made by one of my friends. I walk around handing out candy.

8. I write. A lot.

9. The Nuzlocke comics have two major stories, and I'm excitingly terrified about working with them.

10. There's a pairing I ship hard, I just don't talk about it in most places. =P

Nuzlocke questions!
1. State the name of your run, the name of the main character, and the name of the MC's starter (or main pokemon atm)!
  • A Ragtag Run - Ragtag the rat
    • Starter - Gregor the Chimchar
  • I don't know the name of my second run. It was going to be Ender's Game as a joke, but it might be changed to better fit the story and avoid drama. The protagonist is a rat named (as of now) Ender.
    • Diamond arc - Hopper the Piplup
    • Platinum arc - Topsy the Turtwig
    • Ruby arc - Rocco the Mudkip
2. Which pokemon game did you choose to Nuzlocke and why?

The summer before college, some friends were adamant that I Nuzlocke at least once. One of them gave me her Ruby cartridge she didn't want anymore. That was my first Nuzlocke, which I ended up resetting.

Diamond was my second run because back then I was still not completely out of my Genwunner stage and wasn't really doing anything with the cartridge, anyway. That file actually had all Pokemon from Gen I and II; some were even traded from other games. So it seemed like a good contender for a Nuzlocke run (and was it....)

At the same time I did Ruby v2. I wasn't going to use it for anything else, plus I wanted some closure after resetting.

Platinum was my fourth run because Nuzlocking is fun and I'd never played Platinum before. It also looked very fun based on the heightened NPC skill and wider variety of Pokemon/easier grinding. I actually did two Platinum runs, because my first ended horribly and I wanted to try again.

I also have a SoulSilver run, but it's not part of the comic. And it's on a long hiatus because I keep getting lost looking for Lugia. |:<

3. What's the theme song of your Nuzlocke?

I'm not sure what the theme for A Ragtag Run is, but it would involve undergoing a lot of pain and change in a setting of...biblical proportions.

The theme for Ender's story is "Marble Halls" by Enya.

4. What was the first Nuzlocke comic you read? (If you don't remember exactly, name the first three runs you remember reading first!)

A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge - pettyartist

5. How did you find out about Nuzlockes?

Walked through the door of a friend's house and she and another friend leaped all over me insisting I just have to try a Nuzlocke. They sat me down and forced me to read Petty's run, which I really got into around the third gym.

6. Did you ever bend any rules while playing the game? (come on... be honest)

Oh honey...there's a reason I consider A Ragtag Run an original story. This was my second Platinum run. My first ended so badly, I cheated crazily like the little coward I am. In ARR, I could skip all duplicate encounters, and I had my liberties with the magical revival cheat (see: 3 revives). I also allowed myself to catch one Pokemon I wanted, and that was the capture for the area. This was partly because I actually had a story laid out for Ragtag from the beginning. Because of this, there were certain Pokemon I wanted for specific roles--namely Gabriel, Silga, and Hydra. So, this one isn't a Nuzlocke. It's an original run with the possibility of death...because there were some.

In Diamond and my first Platinum run, I gave myself one cheat revive. And in my second Ruby run I gave myself one desired capture, but it didn't even stay in effect. x)

In SoulSilver I gave myself five cheat revives, since it's not part of the comic and your character goes through two regions. But there were limitations. I couldn't revive the same Pokemon twice, it couldn't be my starter, and it couldn't be anyone I was particularly close to. So I ended up using only three of the revives, haha. (also, Nidorina died twice the exact same way???)

On that note, I never let myself revive my starter, for anything.

7. Who's your favorite character in your own run so far?

Oh man, that's an impossible choice. In terms of the characters...
  • A Ragtag Run - I'm tempted to say Ragtag because of the dramatic changes she goes through. She has a big story planned, and because of this I find her more interesting (but less likable) than Ender. For the Pokemon, right now I'd say Hydra.
  • Platinum arc - Widget
  • Diamond arc - Liliana (all-time favorite)
  • Abandoned Ruby run - Boss
  • Ruby v2 - Probably Lawlor...this one is really tough.

In terms of using the Pokemon in-game...

  • A Ragtag Run - Rex. I affectionately called him Rexie.
  • Platinum - Pleasance
  • Diamond - Quetzal
  • Abandoned Ruby run - Boss
  • Ruby v2 - Applejack

8. What Gym Leaders/NPCs are/were you excited about introducing?

Funny thing, in my Sinnoh runs I've erased Dawn's character entirely. x) She didn't seem necessary, and I was also genuinely lazy about drawing her into the comic. I am excited about introducing May and the weird trick house man from Hoenn. They have their purposes. Also Ender's dad, but it's not the emotional upheaval a reader might expect. =P

If Pokemon count I'm interested in introducing Dialga, because he has a purpose as well.

9. How do you feel about shipping in Nuzlockes?

I don't have a problem with it. Ender's run contains shipping in all three arcs. My only irk is if Pokemon get paired up because one of them dies, or there's a good chance of it.

10. Recommend a few Nuzlockers for us!

Oh man...I don't think any of these guys are under the radar, so no surprises here. I would say most if not all have influenced my own runs in some way.

"Nuts Lock" - Paperiapina
Pencil's Leafgreen Nuzlocke - PencilsLeafGreenNuz 
Oh Gosh! - Ol-Green-Nipples 
Myths of Unova - ky-nim 
Noneko's Pokemon Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge - Noneko
A Petty Nuzlocke Challenge - pettyartist
Seiga's Nuzlocke Adventure - Seiga 
Landwalker's Yellow Nuzlocke - land-walker

And an honorable mention:


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